UPDATE APRIL 2022 - We are now in Cumbria!  After several years of being in the South East we have taken the plunge and moved 'up north!'.

Bead-Kids started it's wonderfully creative journey in 2006 by Amanda Kavanagh, when she needed a party idea for her soon-to-be 5 year old daughter.  Something that could be managed at home, something that would keep the children occupied, something that provided the going home gifts and most of all something that didn't make a mess!

After a successful birthday party and then a few more for friends and relatives and the BeadKids business was born.  Parents were getting in touch from all over the country, asking for the perfect party to be brought to them, but after deciding that covering 4 counties was probably enough travelling around every weekend, Amanda (with a little inspiring help from her daughter) created kits that could be posted anywhere.  Fast forward to now, and these jewellery making kits are flying all around the world - we've sent them to America, Canada, France, Italy, Singapore, Australia - even to Alaska!

We then created a craft kit range so that we could get more boys involved and offer an alternative to jewellery making.

We have so much fun creating and designing our kits and favors and we love to take on custom work, so if you have a party planned and have your own ideas just get in touch and we can work together!

Jewellery Making Party
Jewellery Making Party