how to diy your party

Too far away?  Smaller budget this year?  Look no further - you can host your own jewellery making party with BeadKids kits!

To purchase:

Kits from the shop - one per child

Party Bags - make your own or purchase the luxury ones in the shop

Any extra gifts - personalised bracelets are an extra special treat for your guests

To set up:

Table and chairs - tablecloth if required

Paper plates - one per child (to keep the beads under control and in one place!)

Confetti - colour matched paper confetti and sequins for a bit of glam

Props - give the birthday girl something to do (when is everyone arriving for my party? said at 5am, 6am, 7am, 7.30am....) click here for a fabulous DIY diamond template so she can make lots of table decorations, you'll just need some sparkly card and sticky tape

Other Ideas:

Cut little sandwiches into diamond shapes

Make a jewellery box inspired cake or cupcakes

Have a fashion show at the end to spotlight their creations