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DIY Party Decorations

So you’ve booked the entertainment (hopefully me or a BeadKids kit!), invitations have gone out, food is prepared, music has been selected. How to decorate your party table?

Quite predictably, I am all for making your own party decorations, it’s a great way to keep children entertained BEFORE the party especially including siblings. I have designed these very gorgeous table decorations that are easy to make and won’t cost an absolute fortune!

Using this amazing diamond shape (cut out and stick together), you can make these in any colour or paper type. I made these with a selection of holographic, metallic and glitter card!

There are two different sizes to download, small and large.

1. Print out the template below, draw it out on the back of your card and using normal scissors, cut it out (be careful you cut the correct lines, not the dashed ones, these are for folding!).

2. Score along the dotted lines.

2. Fold the shape on the dotted lines indicated.

3. Add double sided sticky tape or glue dots to the folded flaps.

4. Press the diamond into shape.

5. Make lots of more!

Fill pretty crystal bowls, place them running down the middle of the table in between twinkly lights, add a little thread and hang them above the table at different heights - however suits your party set up!

So, how many will you make, and what will your colours be?

Download the Diamond PDF Document





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